Spanish Actors in Hollywood




Penelope Cruz's has broken through as the first Spanish actress to win an Accademy Award for her supporting role in the Woody Allen film Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. She is probably now the most well-known Spanish actress abroad; yet, she is not the only Spanish celebrity internationally recognized. Are you a film expert?. Test yourself by choosing the correct answer in THE QUESTIONNAIRE below:
-In which film did Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz appeared together for the first time:
a) Carne Trémula (Live Flesh)
b) Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona
c) Jamón, Jamón.
-Both Tom Hanks and Antonio Banderas starred in a well-known film by Jonathan Demme. Do you remember the title?
a) The Silence of the Lambs
b) Too Much
c) Philadelphia
-Paz Vega is another of the Spanish actresses cherished by Hollywood. She has recently worked with another oscar-winner Hollywood stars and probably one of the best Afro-American actors . Do you know who we are talking about:
a)-Denzel Washington
b)-Morgan Freeman
c)-Sydney Poitier
-Apart from serious movies, Antonio Banderas has also directed films like:
-a) Bolt
-b) Crazy in Alabama
-c) Shrek
You will have to click on the links in this page to find the answers to those questions.

MORE ON SPANISH ACTORS: the next task we propose you to do is to surf through the links on this page to find out the following information:
-"Penelope" is quite a peculiar name, who was Penelope Cruz named after?
- You must now discover the name of another Spanish Actor, also known internationally, who has shared two films with Penelope Cruz.
-Penelope belongs to a family of "artists", who are they and what do they do?
-In the past not many Spanish actors made their way to Hollywood; there is one actress, who has recently passed away, that became a "real hollywood star" at the time. Do you know who she is?...

-THE PROJECT: we now propose you to write a project on the following: Penelope Cruz and Almodovar have had a very close work relationship for many years. In groups of four people you must do a thorough research and write a report on all their collaborations together, what opinion they have of each other, Penelope's leading roles in Almodovar's films and all those aspects you may find of interest along your quest. When the project is done, the whole group will do an oral presentation so as to explain the results of the research to the rest of the class.
*THE BIG QUESTION: "Will Penelope continue taking part in Almodovar's films or has their -adventure together- ended"?. Is there any new film where they have worked together about to be released?


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