In Brompton Road, which leads off Knightsbridge, you will find the most famous and most expensive store in London, Harrod's.
Harrod's began life 154 years ago as a grocery shop concentrating on quality goods. Today the food halls alone fill seven rooms, then there are another 60 fashion departments to visit.

Your Task:
You have won 1000 € to spend in presents for some members of your family.
Visit the Harrod’s online store and find the following items. Calculate your expenses and you can buy whatever you want with the rest of money. Answer the following questions visiting the links below.

1.What time does Harrod’s Store open to the public?
2. What currency do they use to sell their items?
5.How can you pay the things you buy online?
4. Find the following things and write their prices:
-For your mother: A Dolce & Gabanna parfume:The ONE(75ml)
-For your father: An Italian silk tie :Duchamp
-For your brother: A Toywatch:Jelly Cronograph
-For the family: A high definition Handycam Sony
-For yourself: A Harrods signature mug and a hoodie
-For your class: An English chocolate box (200 g)
6.How much money have you spent?
7- What are you going to buy with the rest of money?

Good Shopping!


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