Look through a brief history of British Literature



Find the information about the following British writers and copy it in your answer sheet. Use the links on the right.
Be as fast as you can!


1. Date and place of Shakespeare’s birth.
2. Date and place of Shakespeare’s death.
3. Write one title of his Comedy, History, Tragedy, Poetry works.
4. What has been speculated about his works?
5. Name two literature writers Shakespeare has influenced on.
6. Find and write a quote in which Shakespeare talks about his quiet conscience.


1. Which novels do you think are clearly autobiographical?
2. Which was his first full novel in 1836?
3. Which are the main topics Dickens uses in his novels?
4. What is Dickens´s writing style like?


1 . What was Charlotte , Anne and Emily Bronte´s pseudonyms?
2. Do you know any adaptations of Bronte sisters´ novels?
3. Was Charlotte a modern woman in her time? Why?


1. Date and place of Wilde’s birth.
2. Date and place of Wilde’s death.
3. Write his full long name.
4. What has been speculated about his sexsuality?
5. Oscar Wilde wrote only one novel. What’s its name?
6. Looking at his official page, there are some news about how long his playwrights have been performed in an important theatre. Name the theatre and the duration.
7. Write a quote about women and love in his work “The Sphinx Without a Secret” (Also in his official page).


1-Date and place of Joyce’s birth.
2.-Date and place of Joyce’s death.
3.-Name at least three of his works.
4.-Name one of the technical innovations in novels introduced by Joyce.
5.-Which philosophy influenced on him throughout his life?


1. Date and place of Rowling’s birth.
2. Why is she famous?
3. Is J.K.Rowling her real name?
4. Name at least two of her works.
5. She set up THE VOLANT CHARITABLE TRUST to support charity causes. Name the two important areas of funding.
6. Important political party which she has done a donation to.



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