Beatrix Potter


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Helen Beatrix Potter was an English author who was best known for her many best-selling children's books that featured animal characters, such as Peter Rabbit.

Since we are going to watch a film about her, first let's answer some questions:

About Beatrix Potter’s Life
When and where was she born?
Where did she spend her holidays?
Where is it, North or South England?
Did she have any brothers or sisters?
Who cared for Beatrix as a child? her mum?
What did she like doing when she was a child and a young girl?
Apart from writing children books, what else did she like doing? What else was her interest and passion?
What did she spend her money on?
Who and when did she marry?
When and where did she die?
Who did she leave her fortune to when she died?
What is the National Trust?

About the Movie
Where was it filmed?
Who are the main characters?
Who was Norman Warne?
Who directed the film?
What is the title of the main song in the film?

About the Characters and Animals in her Books
How many books did Beatrix Potter publish?
What was the title of her first book?
What were the names of the rabbits in the first book?
Choose 3 different characters in Beatrix Potter’s books.
What are their names? What animal are they?

Watch the film and then do the following:

A. Pre-Task

In pairs do the activities on the document "Activities after the film"

Final Task

B. Form groups of four and discuss about four values or characteristics that you find of interest in Beatrix Potter. Give evidence of your statements with facts from the film.

Then, your teacher will decide about one of the following options:

C. Prepare a mind map with all you have concluded in B and present it as a group in front of the others.

or D. Imagine your group represents one of the characters in the film. Prepare a video talking about Beatrix Potter and her main characteristics from the perspective of that character. The video can have different formats: an interview, a scene from the film, a dialogue, etc.


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