1. You will use the Internet resources to locate information about the Cherokee tribe.
  2. How did the Cherokee Tribe have an impact or influence on the history of America?
  3. Your job is to locate the information to answer the questions on your worksheet.
  4. Now it's your turn to be the teacher!
  5. Using the information you have collected, create and present to your classmates a product which includes the following information:
Each project should contain the following information on your selected tribe:

What part of North America did the Cherokee live?
What are the characteristics of this region, for example are there mountains, woods, ocean or deserts?
What was the climate like (hot and dry; cold and wet)?
Did the region have a growing season?

What type of food did your Cherokee tribe eat?
How did they get their food (hunters, gatherers, farmers)?
Did their food differ according to the seasons?

What type of clothing did the members of your Cherokee tribe wear?
What did women wear?
What did men wear?
Did they have different clothing for different seasons?
Did they have clothes for special occasions or ceremonies?

What type of homes did the members of your tribe live in?
What were the homes made from?
Were these temporary or permanent homes?
Did their dwellings depend on the season?
If the dwellings depended on the season, explain how?

Interesting Facts:
What facts or interesting piece of information have you discovered about the Cherokee tribe
(This would include ceremonies and/or customs)?

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