Con esta actividad vais a tener una experiencia llena de fantasía y misterio. El terror y el miedo invadirán la noche de Halloween cuando los muertos regresan a visitarnos y será algo...TERRORÍFICO. FRIGHTENING!!!!

Click on Halloween Web Customs. Circle the correct words.
1. Druids performed rituals around tombs/bonfires in Northern Ireland.
2. Halloween costumes originated from the Celts/Vikings.
3. Trick or treating for UNICEF began in 1985/1950.
Click on Halloween Web - History & origin. Answer the questions.
1. On which calendar is October 31st the last day?
2. What did Halloween used to be called?
3. What does samhain mean?
Click on Halloween Web-Parties and then on Scary Movies for Halloween. Say which film …
1. … stars Johnny Depp?
2. … is animated?
3. … is about the Lutz family?
4. … was made in 1931?
Click on Halloween Web-Pranks & Tricks. Finish the sentences.
1.Visit friends' houses and write on the mirror with .......
2.Put the number ........... on your door.
3.Traditional, ring doorbell and ......
Click on History and answer the question
1. When is this festival celebrated?
2. Where does the word "Halloween" come from?
3. Which are the origins of Halloween?
4. Why were "Jack-o-lantern" carved?
5. How do children finish the sentence "Trick or Treat"?
6. What is typical to eat during this time?Find a typical recipe and tell to the rest of the class

To finish this activity you can read a ghost story or find out good ideas to celebrate Halloween.

"I witch you a happy Halloween"



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