Situation, origins, and inhabitants
The Union Jack


Great Britain is a name that you have heard many times before in your language, you know exactly what it is, where it is and who lives there?
Learn all this by answering the following questions:

To do so find the information by clicking on the different links on the right.

1- Is Great Britain the same as the United Kingdom?
2- What countries is Great Britain composed of?
3- Where is Great Britain situated geographically?
4- What different people came to the British Isles , when and why?
5- What new knowledge, habits or activities did they bring with them?
6- Name the most important religions that coexist in Britain nowadays.
6- What different races or origins are the most common in Britain today?
7- How many languages are spoken in London? Name at least five.

After you have answered all these questions take a time to answer these ones:

Do you think Great Britain is a multicultural society where people are easily accepted?
Give your impression after reading the comments given by some people of foreign origin.
Compare all this to the history and situation in Spain. Find differences and similarities.



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