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"Urban tribes are groups of people in urban areas who have some kind of close association based upon similar lifestyles or activities"

"Urban tribes are young city people that gather in relatively small, fluid groups. These groups share common interests that are, in general, different from the interests of mainstream culture". (Michel Maffesoli)

They are made up by groups of people – usually young, with a distinct common identity: the same aesthetic codes, the same identity symbols, the same rules, the same language, the same music…........ A whole ideology! They are a reflection of what they love or what they hate and of their own instincts. We can find them in any Spanish city, but they are usually concentrated in the big cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Seville.


Ñetas y Latin Kins Pijos Ocupas Pelolais o Barbies Mods Emos
Heavies Rastas Hardcores Góticos Grunges Skaters Rockers Raperos Wannabes Lolailos Frikis Canis Bakalaeros

Some of them are nearly extinct, and others in full expansion. It is estimated that in Madrid alone coexist more than fifteen tribes. They usually meet in central, commercial or nightlife areas.
Sometimes people associate urban tribes with violence. In fact, there are some of them which are linked to incidents, brutal attacks and social problems; but many of them are inoffensive.

Do you know What ?................
Urban tribes are not new, but a very fashionable tendency. In fact, they date back hundreds years: concretely to the 18th century in Madrid: There are some references identifying them in paintings by Goya or Atienza !


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