The festival of Ireland



Every 17th March, Irish people all over the world celebrate St. Patrick's Day in honour of the patron saint of Ireland. This celebration consits of parades, feasts and religious traditions. Use the links beside to answer the questions. You can check how much you know about this festival:

1.- Why is this festivity celebrated on 17th march?
2.- What was Saint Patrick's real name?. Where was he born? Did he study in his birthplace?
3.- How did he reach Ireland?
4.- How did he manage to convert the Irish pagans to Christianity?
5.- What makes the Celtic Cross different from the Christian cross?
6.- Name at least two symbols of this festivity and write briefly about one of the legends on Saint Patrick.
7.- Why is green the colour choosen by the Irish during this celebration? Give at least two reasons.
8.- Name two traditional Irish songs that are sung and probably danced on this festival.
9.- What do the Irish eat at Saint Patrick's?
10.- Which river turns into green colour during this celebration?


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