The most famous name associated with wax museums.


1.- I want to visit a wax museum but what can I see there?

2.- What can you tell me about Madame Tussaud?

3.- Which Hollywood stars are at the moment exhibited at Madame Tussauds in London? Choose 4 from the list and say why you chose them.

4.- What is the chamber of horrors in a wax museum?

5.- Well, I want to visit the Madame Tussauds Museum. Can you tell me the address in London?

6.- I'm wondering which the 5 best wax museums are around the world. Can you help me?

7.- Is perhaps Madame Tussauds wax Museum in London the best in the world?

...and now let's imagine that a wax museum is going to open in Lleida and you have to decide which important people relevant to Lleida or your country should be exhibited.
Can you suggest 5 candidates? Why did you choose them?

MÓrius Torres: he was a famous writer born in Lleida. We choose him because it is his anniversary this year.



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