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Scotland is blessed with some of the most spectacular landscapes and castles, a distinctive history and a rich cultural heritage. By answering the following questions you will enlarge your knowledge about this wonderful country in UK.

1.Answer the following questions on Scotland geography.

A) Where is Scotland?

B) Scotland is divided into three main areas, name them and locate them on the map.

C)Locate the following places on the map Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Skye and Orkney.

2 Why do Scottish and Welsh people get angry when they are referred to as English?

3. Who is the patron Saint of Scotland? When is the National Day of Scotland celebrated? Why have the X-shaped cross been a Scottish symbol since medieval times? What’s the national flower of Scotland? Describe it.

4. What two main languages are spoken in Scotland? Name two dialects spoken in Scotland and the places where they are used. What does the Mod Festival consist on?

5. Describe the main features of the Scottish national dress.

6.Locate the places mentioned in the 48h itinerary on the Edinburgh map and mark the itinerary of each day in different colours.

7. What is the Edinburgh pass? How much does it cost? What’s included in the pass? Where can you buy it?

8. Edinburgh is worldwide known for hosting important festivals. Name 2 of them and explain briefly what they are about. What does the generic term Edinburgh Festival refer to ?

9. What is Ceilidh Culture 2010 ? What’s new this year ? When is it celebrated ?

10. Explain the different meanings of the term ceilidh.

FINAL TASK: Plan a 5 days trip to Edinburgh. Include the following information:flights, accomodation, visits,budget. Make a brochure of Edinburgh. Be creative.



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