To: Chemistry Students at Ross Middle School
From: Periodic County Police Department
Date: April 14, 2010; DUE APRIL 16
Re: Help requested in finding escaped elements

Ross Middle School students, the Periodic County Police Department requests your help in locating the fugitives that have recently escaped from our county jail. Over spring break several elements escaped from jail and the police need your help in creating posters for each of the escaped elements.

It is your responsibility to make a WANTED poster that explains and describes your given element. The element that you are given to research is a secret that only you and the teacher may know. It is our fear that if too many people know the name of the escaped element, the fugitive may run further away to escape the public eye.

On your WANTED poster, you must include the following information about your element:
• Two pictures
• Symbol
• Atomic number
• Atomic mass
• The location on the periodic table (period and group)
• The classification (metal, non-metal, metalloid)
• The state of matter in which the element is naturally found
• Any current or potential uses here on Earth
• Where in nature the element is found
• Date of discovery and who discovered it
• Is the element part of compound with which we are familiar?
• Any other additional interesting information that makes your element unique.

Resources have been compiled for you to search in order to find as much information about each element. Please visit the class website for links to useful chemistry and element websites.

You may format your information in your own creative style. Also, your teacher has been sent an example for which you may base your poster off. As a reminder, do not place your element’s name on the poster, as this may cause the element to run even further away.

Thank you for you assistance in locating our missing elements. Be aware that some of these elements have the potential to be dangerous to humans and you should not approach and make contact if you should see the elements on the run. Contact the Periodic County Police Department to report any sightings or leads on where the fugitives may be hiding.

Be sure to have your poster finished and given to your teacher by Friday, April 16, 2010.

WANTED Poster Rubric

Including the following about your element:

At least two pictures 6 points
Symbol 4 points
Atomic number 4 points
Atomic mass 4 points
Period & Group 6 points
State of matter 4 points
Element classification 4points
Where in nature element is found 4 points
One compound in which
element can be found 4 points
Date and name of person
who discovered it 6points

You will also be graded on:

Organization 4 points
Using class time wisely 5 points

TOTAL 55 points



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