The Outsiders

Character Diary Instructions and Examples


As you are reading The Outsiders, you will be keeping a diary. This diary will be constructed in the following way:

Beginning work:
**Read chapter 1 and review the character list.
**Review example diary entry for a character.
**Choose one character you want to write as from the novel (whoever you choose must be the same character you stick with throughout the entire novel).

Throughout the entire novel:
**After reading each chapter and completing the comprehension questions, you will write an eight-sentence minimum diary entry.
**Your entries must be written in 1st person- you are writing the diary entry as the character you chose from the beginning.

Here is what you must follow when writing your diary entry:
**Your diary entry must include a summary of what happened in the chapter OR an elaboration of the major scene in that chapter.
**If your chosen character is in the chapter, use these writing prompts:
> I had a great day because…
> I am mad because…
> I should have done __________ instead of _________ because…
> I should have thanked ________ because…

**If your chosen character is NOT in the chapter, use these writing prompts:
> I can’t believe that _________ did ________ today.
> I am so proud of __________ because…
> I am so angry with _________ because…
> I think that what ________ did today was wrong/right because…

You will have a total of 11 entries at the conclusion of your diary journal.

Entries for chapters 2-4: 100 points possible

Entries for chapters 5-8: 100 points possible

Entries for chapters 9-12: 100 points possible

TOTAL points possible: 300 points

See example diary entries for Chapter 1 of the novel below:

Today was kinda rough. Poor Ponyboy got jumped by them no good Socs. Man they think they are so tuff. It made me so mad that I wasn't there to help Pony. It makes me so scared to think of what might have happened if Darry and the others hadn't been there to chase them away. Me and Pony got to stick together as we are the youngest and all. Pony's a good kid, he just don't think sometimes.

My old lady was in the worst mood today. Man all I did was forget to take out the trash and she laid into me, yelling about what a waste of space I was. I can't stand it. If it wasn't for the gang I'd run outa there in a second.

Me and Pony are going to the movies tomorrow night with Dally. At least it will get me away from home. Write more later.

I can’t believe it! Pony boy can be so stupid some time. Man what was he thinking walking home alone? Man, you think he be more careful. We get in trouble and the Social Services comin in and separation’ us. Pony just thinkin about the movies. I dig that. He’s just bein tough, but we man got to stick together. If the state finds out about tonight we’ll be separated.
Darry also got to chill out and stop blowing a gasket on everyone. He needs to chill. If Darry gets any more upset he’s goin’ stroke out on his job.
Someday I’m gonna marry my girl and this stuff won’t matter anymore.
Well that’ it journal. I’ll write more later.



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