1) How many different kinds of cells are in your body?

2)What parts of our bodies are made of dead cells?

3) Name and define 3 of the organelles that we are learning about.

4) Which organelle in the plant cell would mainly help the cell take in water or get rid of water, just like the potato did? This is also known as “osmosis.” How do you know that this organelle would help with that process?

5) Which organelle, if empty, would cause the plant to wilt? Why is this?

6) Name an organelle that you see in the plant cell that you did not see in the animal cell.

7) Why do you think an animal cell does not have the part that you name in #6?

8) Why is the rough endoplasmic reticulum so “rough?”

9)Think about your house, condo or apartment. What part of your home would be like the mitochondria of the cell? Why?

10)How big is a blood cell? How does its size compare to Dust Mites, and then to the E. coli bacteria?

11)Which of the 8 characteristics of life is the cell doing here?

12)Name a part that does NOT BELONG in the animal cell (as you figured out during construction)

13)Construct the plant cell next. Name a part that DOES BELONG here but didn’t belong in one of the other 2 cells.



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