Would you like to go somewhere out of Spain? Really far away?
Right, we are going to learn something about the land of the Lord of the Rings: New Zealand.

First watch the video. It explains the legend of the origins of New Zealand. Take notes to write a brief summary and enjoy the images.

Then, we are going to learn about their native people: the Maori. Read the text in the second link and answer these questions:
1. Where did the Maori come from?
2. How did they get to New Zealand?
3. Name some of the most important aspects of their culture.

Finally you are going to read about Kiwana, the most characteristic things about New Zealand nowadays. Explain these things:
1. The colour black
2. Sheep
3. Kiwifruit
4. Hokey Pokey

Now you are ready to make a poster about New Zealand with your team.



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