The Great Fire of London

The burning of a great city


As we have read in class, the Great Fire of London destroyed the city in 1666. Let’s find out more information about when, how and why it happened.

1. When and where did the Great Fire start?
2. Why did the fire began?
3. How was the weather on Tuesday 4th September 1666? What happened at the end of the day?
4. What did people say about the Earl of Craven?


1. Organize the events.
2. Write a message to a friend using Samuel Pepy’s ‘Shelton’s code’
3. Play the “Great Fire of London Game” and help Tom extinguish the fire.
4. Watch the animated film about the Great Fire of London.

Last but certainly not least…

1. If you had been at the Great Fire you could have only saved a couple of your things. Think about what five things you would have saved and why. Write a composition of at least 100 words about it.

Remember to send all you answers to your teacher’s e-mail! (

Have fun!



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