Vivid Words


5th grade

You are going to learn a new word and teach it to your class.
1. Select an image from the Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection.
a. Click BROWSE, then LOCATION, and then scroll down to UNITED STATES.

2. Copy and save the image.
3. Open a Word document and insert the image.
4. List 5 words to describe the image.
5. Choose 1 of the words to do additional research.
6. Use to find 3 synonyms for your chosen word. At least one of the words must be one you are not familiar with. Remember to check the definitions and make sure you are using the correct main entry.
7. Choose one of the 3 synonyms you are not familiar with to present to your class.
8. Look up your word using Merriam-Webster Online or
9. Copy and paste the definition into the Word document.
10. Compose an original sentence that correctly uses the new word and has context clues to make the meaning clear.
11. Print your work to share with your class.



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