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Dance I Vocabulary Test #4:

Dance II Vocabulary Test #4:

My name is Ms. Maxwell and I will be teaching dance classes at West Millbrook!

*Students! If you are looking for the warm up videos so you can practice your warm up, go to the link on the left that says "Dance I Warm Up Spring 2018" OR "Dance II Warm Up Spring 2018" to find the youtube link :)

Advanced Dance Students:
Here are the links to the George Balanchine Videos you will need to watch to complete your homework

George Balanchine's Apollo (Pacific Northwest Ballet)

Serenade. George Balanchine's Choreography

Anatomy of a Dance: Maria Kowroski on Balanchine’s AGON (Focus on the movement and not the talking)

George Balanchine's Concerto Barocco (Pacific Northwest Ballet)

Please use this web page to keep updated on classroom policies and procedures, assignments, and important upcoming dates/performances. In this class, we are following the North Carolina Standards for dance and looking at the elements of space, time, and energy. This semester we will also look at famous dance choreographers.

Intro to Dance/Dance I/Dance II students- for class you will need the following:
-a plain white t-shirt
-black pants (capris, leggings WITH shorts, sweatpants, yoga pants, basketball shorts, etc)
-a 3 prong folder (1st period will need a RED folder, 2nd period will need a BLUE folder, 5th period a GREEN folder, 6th period a YELLOW folder)
- two dividers
-blank notebook paper
-water bottle
-pack of hair ties

Advanced Dance Students will need:
-A black tank leotard (I will send home an order form)
-Black Yoga pants or capris
-a 1 to 1.5 inch binder (any color/design and will be kept in class)
- four dividers
-blank notebook paper
-water bottle
-pack of hair ties

See the link on the left for more information about these needed supplies

Ms. Maxwell's would be grateful to receive donations of any of the following items listed below on her Wish List:

-Swiffer Sweeper Dust Cloths (to sweep the dance floor, in a green box)
-Swiffer Wet Jet Liquid Floor Cleaner (to mop the dance floor)
-Swiffer Wet Jet Mop Cloths (in a purple box)
-$5/$10 iTunes gift cards (for classroom music)
-Hair Ties
-Hand Sanitizer

Thank you so much!!


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