Tribes of North America

Tribe Research



Member Names

Region ____________
What part of North America would your tribe be found?
What are the characteristics of this region, for example, are there woods, mountains ocean or desert?
What was the climate like ( hot and dry; cold and wet) ?
Did the region have a growing season?
Were homes dependant on the region? If so , tell how and why.

Food _____________________
What type of food did your tribe eat?
How did they get their food (hunters, gatherers, farmers)?
Did their food differ according to seasons?

What type of clothing did the members of your tribe wear?
What did the women wear?
What did the men wear?
Did they have different clothing for different seasons?
Did they have different clothing for different occasions or ceremonies?

What type of home did the members of your tribe live in?
What were the homes made from? Why?
Were these temporary homes or permanent ones? Why?
Did their dwellings depend on the season? How?

What kind of tools did the members of your tribe use?
What were these tools made from?
What were they used for?
How do they differ from today’s tools?


What kind of art did your tribe members create?
Did the art have a purpose, for example was it for a special ceremony or special people?
What materials were used to make the art?

Famous Native Americans_____________

What is the name of this Native American?
Why are they famous?


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