The Outsiders
  Character Identification


The Outsiders


From left to right………

Two Bit Matthews—comedienne—loves Mickey Mouse

Soda Pop Curtis—“dreamboat”—caught in the middle between
Ponyboy and Darry

Ponyboy Curtis—youngest Greaser—smart, sensitive, tells the story of The Outsiders

Dallas Winston—slick, “bad boy,” street smart

Johnny Cade—Greasers’ pet, abused, caring

Darry Curtis—oldest brother, smart, handsome, aging before his

Steve Matthews—Soda’s best friend, loves to fight

In your journal see if you can match the correct actor with the character he portrayed in the movie version.

Actor Character

C. Thomas Howell __________________
Matt Dillon _________________________
Ralph Macchio ______________________
Patrick Swayze ______________________
Rob Lowe __________________________
Emilio Estevez ______________________
Tom Cruise ________________________

Check the following site out to see if you were correct.



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