Christmas traditions

How much do you know about Christmas in Britain and the U.S.A.? Let’s check it!



Great Britain and Ireland

1. When is Boxing Day and why is it called like that?

2. How is Boxing Day known in Ireland? Why?

3. Which dishes are typical at Christmas dinner in Britain?

4. What are the crackers?

5. What is Christmas Wassail?


6. “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is probably the most popular song in the States at Christmas. What did the singer receive on the first day?

7. What is the name of the most important Christmas tree in New York and who started this tradition in 1931?

8. What ornament is hidden in a decorated Christmas tree for children to find?

9. Santa’s red suit was designed by Coca-cola. Is it true?

10. Rudolf is the most popular Santa’s reindeer but, what are the names of the rest of his reindeer?


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