Find out about Winchester

Creating a travel brochure


So, I’ve heard you are going to Winchester soon…
OK, OK, not everybody is going but you can still learn about Winchester even if you don’t go, can’t you?
Then, stop sulking !!

1. Click on the Winchester link and browse the website to find out information and complete the travel brochure template.

There is so much to see in _____________________, once capital of England, during Saxon times, and a royal residence for centuries afterwards.
You must visit the _________________________ -the only remaining part of Winchester Castle - with its world-famous and legendary _______________ which will take you back to King Arthur's times.
Don’t miss our magnificent __________________, Europe longest medieval church in England, where you will be able to see, among other treasures, the remarkable twelfth century __________________.

Go on a __________________________ tour – you will be able to discover ______________.

There are statues of two people in the streets of Winchester: _________ and ______________.
_______________ was a _________________ who _______________________ and _______________ was a _____________ who _______________________________.

Winchester also boasts __________________________, which is believed to be one of the oldest continuously running school in the country.

If you are feeling a bit tired of sightseeing, you can ____________________on/by the river, go ___________________ or have fun at the ____________________. Maybe you fancy shopping in the old medieval streets or in the big colorful ___________ market. It takes place every___________ in the ____________ and it is the _______________ in the UK. Quite an experience!

Winchester is located in the ________________ of England. It belongs to the beautiful county of _____________________ and it is very easy to get to. There are regular trains and buses from London and other major cities. It takes ____________________ to reach London . Other popular places worth visiting from Winchester are __________________, ________________ and ___________.

There are many hotels in __________________ and in the area, such as ________________________, but it is a good idea to book early for the summer months.

2. Imagine your British friend is at school and you have a free day to spend with your friends. You want to do the following. Where can you go for each of the following? Find out, when possible timetables of visits and available tours.

• Visit the mill and learn how flour is made.
• Find out information for a literary project and the city of Winchester.
• Go to a special restaurant to celebrate.
• Learn about local wildlife.
• Visit some exhibition or museum.
• Learn more about cricket.
• Finish a history project about King Alfred and the round table.
• Buy presents for your friends.
• O.K. By now you must be broke. No money left. Do something for free

3. Here there are a few important events, places and people in the history of the city. Why are they mentioned in the website? Browse the websites clicking on the links and place them under the right heading mentioning why they are worth mentioning and writing down the time scope each period belongs to. Do not copy from the site! Try to use your own words!

William the Conqueror - Bubonic plague – Railway - King Alfred – Venta Belgarum – Sir Winston Churchill – Black Death- Joan of Navarre and King Henry IV – Round Table - Emperor Charles V - Jean Austen - trading centre - construction of present cathedral - fire - Winchester College - city prosperity - First Christian church - Queen Mary Tudor - William Walker - Winchester becomes a capital city - Castle - Battle of Cheriton - Winchester Bible- Keats -

Iron Age
Roman times
Dark Ages
Middle Ages
Reformation period
Civil War
20th century

4. After browsing the website for a while can you answer the following question?
Why is it believed that if it happens to rain on Saint Swithun’s Day there will follow 39 days of rain? Which day is this?

5. Imagine there is a competition in your local town hall for the best travel brochure. Create a travel brochure about your town (or if you are going to Winchester about any of the other places you may visit such as Stonehenge, Oxford) including information about the following:
Remember to include the structures It’s (very, quite, a bit, really…) and There’s. Organise your writings in paragraphs.

• Location
• Sightseeing
• History
• Local heroes
• Leisure activities/things to do
• Nightlife
• Shopping
• Accomodation

Think about your layout and select the most important and catching information. Yours could be the one selected!! The teacher “will be your Town Hall". So talk to her for deadline.
You may want to create a glog ( for this or just use a simple coloured cardboard.



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