The Crucible

Point of View


Directions: You will be assigned one of the characters in this act. As you read, try to put yourselves in that character’s shoes and answer these questions from your character’s viewpoint. Be sure to write your answers in the first person and try to write as your character would speak.

An interview with _______________________________________________________________.

As proceedings close for the day at Salem courthouse, we are here with _______________________________ for his/her reaction to today’s events, particularly those involving the Proctors. Let’s see what ___________________ has to say.

1. Can you summarize Giles Corey’s charges against Thomas Putnam for us? Do you think Corey’s accusations are fair?

2. How did Reverend Parris handle himself in court today? Is he proving himself to be a worthy leader of the church in Salem?

3. What about Judge Danforth? Is he handling the trials in a fair and just way?

4. Were you surprised by John Proctor’s revelations in court today?

5. What do you think about Elizabeth’s testimony?

6. Can you describe the conflictions of the girls? Do they seem real?

7. Were you surprised that Mary Warren turned on her employer as she did?

8. What do you think of the speech John made as he was taken into custody? Is he right?


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