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You are going to work in pairs. You have decided to spend a weekend in London and you are preparing your trip. Click on the websites on the left and answer the following questions:

1. Name the 5 London airports
2. Choose an airport and explain how you can get to the city centre
3. What is an Oyster card? How much is it?
4. What is the London Pass? How much is it?
5. How many people live in London?
6. What did they use to be proud of?
7. What time do the tubes stop?
8. Choose five places and give answers
8.1. PLACE
8.2. WHERE IS IT? (Address and nearest underground station)
8.3. WHAT IS IT?

Now you have to answer THE BIG QUESTION: You have just come back from your fantastic weekend in London. Write an e-mail telling a friend what you did, how you enjoyed it and if you recommended it.


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