The importance of a good diet in our lives

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The aim of this site is to make you reflect about the importance of a healthy diet. Eating properly helps your body and mind live longer.
This activity is divided into three parts:

1. TREASURE HUNT. Using the links you have on your left, answer the following questions.

a) How many teaspoon of sugar does a can of coke have?
b) What are some health benefits of eating whole grains?
c) Name some advantages that fruits and vegetables have.
d) Do you feel like eating the hambuguers we see in ads? Are they real? Watch the video about the food ad tricks for kids and name two tricks.
e) What are the four main rules for a healthy lifestyle?

2. POSTER. Now that you are a health expert choose four pieces of advice that you would give to a friend and create a poster with this information. Please, explain why you have chosen those tips. You can use images to have a bigger impact on your friend! (the class will vote for the two best posters, which will be publish in Finally, your poster doesn't necessarily need to be physical, it can also be virtual if you decide to use Glogster (

3. ORAL PRESENTATION. You will need to present to the rest of your classmates your poster. Your teacher will give you a feedback table to help your classmates improve their oral abilities.

OPTIONAL: Play the Nutrition game.

COMPETENCES. You will be able to:
- Read expository texts about food habits.
- Write an expository paragraph.
- Understand videos about healthy habits.
- Speak about food and healthy habits
- Play an online game
- Use an online dictionary
- Discuss with other classmates


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