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Welcome. I look forward to a wonderful and exciting session where you will learn so much!

Class Fee-$20.00

Topper Flex Time is designed to allow students the opportunity for tutoring, individual assistance, and making up work. There is additional criteria that would require students to attend the full 30 minutes in Flex Time:
1. Tardy or absence the previous week
2. Missing assignments, test, quizzes, etc.
3. Discipline Issue
4. Average 84 or below
5. Teacher Request

Students who need to make up a test or quiz should schedule with me the day before their weekly Flex Time so I will have the necessary materials ready.

Students interested in joining HOSA may pick up a form in my room. The yearly fee is $20.00

If you need to contact me, e-mail is the most efficient method:

August 4th- 1/2 student day. Students will be in Homeroom the entire day. Homeroom assignments are posted at the school

August 5th-First full day
Syllabus, Class rules, etc. will be handed out and reviewed with students. Students will then have parents read and sign. The signature page must be returned and the student will receive class credit.

August 6th-Begin the Communication Unit. In this unit students will learn about the methods of communication, interferences, process, etc. Students will experience what a patient feels with a speech impairment and eye impairment. Students will also learn "adaptations" to utilize to increase the communication process between patients and healthcare providers.

1. Personality Survey Activity
2. Power Point on Communication
3. Simulation Activities


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