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5. Find & sit with your R&D Project Group. Decide on leaders and responsibilities A-D. Confirm these via Excel Class Spreadsheet. Decide WHICH page each of you will overview like this: SITE SUMMARIES: A-Z Page Highlights (Do & Present them with an Annotation Program from Page A. Use any Presentation Program you wish. Or use Krunched.com (show sample from top of CALL4ALL.us site)! Work in groups of 4/5: using “Cool Tools for Schools” from Top of our T Page: http://www.call4all.us///home/_all.php?fi=t or EdTech Toolbox - Web 2 Tools by Task , from top left corner of our Class site. Top Ten Things to Learn Together about Web 2.0 Tools (Group Start-up Projects): Thing 1: Blogging: Group 1 Thing 2: Online Communities & Personal Learning Networks: Group 2 Thing 3: RSS, Personal Home Pages and Feed Readers Group 3 Thing 4: Photo Sharing. Editing and Fun Group 4 Thing 5: Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools Group 5 Thing 6: Curation Tools Group 6 Thing 7: Podcasting and Screencasting Group 7 Thing 8: Collaborating, Connecting, Sharing Group 8 Thing 9: Databases and Search Tools Group 9 Thing 10: Productivity Tools Group 10 GROUPS 11-13: Work in Groups on Call4ALL’s Mission Page 5 Topics (Divide, R&D & Discuss them). “Harvest Internet for Language Education:”WebSite Summaries,” Annotation and Presentation Programs, Cooperative Learning Groups をとうして学生たちが”Self-Access“とPLN:Personal Learning Networksを作り、E-Flashcard Vocabulary Programs、Quizlet, WordChamp.com、など英語の語彙上達法を教える努力をしている。 I. Go to Top of T Page: Find TOP 10 Web 2 Tools II. Top Ten R&D Groups Research 1 Topic each 1-10. Groups 11-13 Do CALL4ALL.us Mission Page. CALL4ALL's A-Z Links Here’s a quick overview of the site’s most helpful pages for language education. Using this Site Map, your embassy, school or country may freely add as many of the following Topic Links to give your students instant access to vast collections on these major language education topics: A Activities/Atlases FOCUS ON Top Annotation Tools and Avatars/Animation-Makers. B Blogs/Basic/Business English; Best ESL Resources (Larry Ferlazzo's) FOCUS ON Top Blogging Tools and Bookmarking Tools: C CALL Organizations; Children's Links; Chatbots, Comics, Classics, Countries; Corpus Studies FOCUS ON Top Corpus Linguistics/Concordancing and Website Curating/Comix Tools D Dictionaries Online FOCUS ON Top Online Dictionary Tools and Top Digital Storytelling Tools ! E Encyclopedias Online; Earth/Ecology; English/ESL/EFL/ELT Resources; E-Learning FOCUS ON Top E-Flashcard or E-Books and Online books Tools! (See www.Scan2Read.us ) F http://www.call4all.us/home/_all.php?fi=f Famous People; Fashion; Foreign Language Jobs/Schools FOCUS ON Flipped Classrooms: http://www.call4all.us///home/_all.php?fi=f Or FOCUS on Top E-Flashcard and File-Sharing Tools ! G http://www.call4all.us/home/_all.php?fi=g Games; Graded Readers; Grammar Guides; Green/Global Issues FOCUS ON Top Glossing (Translation) and Games or Games Creation Tools H Holidays (Lessons/Songs); Homestay Programs; Homeschooling Resources FOCUS ON Top Homestay-Finding Tools ! I Internet-based Language Learning; Internet English courses/training; I-Tools; Inventors FOCUS ON Top Inventors, I-Tools, Internet English Tools ! J Kanji Study; Korean and Chinese Study Links; FOCUS ON Top Kanji or Korean Learning/Teaching Tools ! L Listening Sites; Language Teaching, Learning and Testing; Literature and Linguistics Links FOCUS ON Top Language Learning Tools ! M Maps; Media and Movie Links; Moodles; Museum and Music Sites; Magazines Online; Mysteries; MOOCs. FOCUS ON Mindmaps, Charts and Maps OR Top Music and Movie-Sharing Tools ! (for Language-Learning) N News Sites; Newsfeeds FOCUS ON Top News-Sharing and Writing Tools ! O Online Search Engines; Online Schools and Tests; Occupations; Online Shopping; Olympics FOCUS ON Top Open Source Resources, Open Source Content Management Systems P Poetry; Peace Education; Phonics; Picture Vocabulary; People, Puzzles and Proverbs FOCUS ON Top Presentation and Photo Tools (Photos and Picture/Graphics Programs)! Q Questions; Quizzes; Quotations FOCUS ON Top Quiz-Making Tools ! (Quizlet.com, etc) R Reading Resources: Extensive Reading Database; Online Reading Labs FOCUS ON Top Online Reading Labs; E-Reader Sites, like Scan2Read.us ! S Speaking Sites; Storytelling Sites (Digital); FOCUS ON Top Digital Storytelling Tools; OR Surveys, Quizzes and Polls T Teachers Resources; TESOL/TEFL FOCUS ON Top 10 Web 2 Tools U Universal Search Engines; Unorganized or Miscellaneous Links; US Government Education Sites V Vocabulary; Videos; Visualization Tools FOCUS ON Top Vocabulary-Learning and Visualization Tools OR Video and Youtube Tools: W Writing Sites and Programs; Word Lists for Study; Web-Tools FOCUS ON Top Word-Learning, Word Processing Tools Online and Web 2.0 Learning Tools ! X X- X-Cellent Programs; X-Treme Language FOCUS ON Top Virus and Porn-Blocking Tools ! Y Young Learner Sites; Limited English Proficiency Level Programs for Youth; Kid's Music and Children’s Learning Websites FOCUS ON Top Young Learners’ and Children’s Language Learning Tools ! Z Zoos; Zones of Proximal Development; Zero Tolerance for Spam and Porn (Blocking Programs) FOCUS ON Zones of Proximal Development ! (Zoho?)


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