1-Define the meridian arc.
2-Why is this measurement useful?
3-Which Alexandrian scientist first calculated the Earth's size?
4-What was debated about the Earth's shape in the late 17th and early18th century?
5-Which were the two common names that summarize these two ideas?
6-At which two places did the Royal Academy of Scientists of Paris decide the measurement of the meridian arc would be?
7-Why was the knowledge of the shape and size of the Earth important?
8-What did Antonio de Ulloa take part?
9-What was the conclusion?
10-When and where was Antonio de Ulloa born?
11-When and where his journey last?
12-According to the authors of “The Maritime Voyage of Jorge Juan to the Viceroyarty of Peru”, what was the main repercussions of the expedition?
13-What happened Antonio de Ulloa while returning to Spain?
14-What periodic element was first reported by Antonio de Ulloa?
15-Write the symbol, the atomic and the mass number of this element?
16-What was the title of the book written by Antonio de Ulloa about the Geodesic mission he wrote?
17-When he came back to Spain he took part in the establishment of several scientific institutions. Write their names.
18-What meteorological phenomenon was named after Antonio de Ulloa ?



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