1-Where and when was Isaac Newton born?
2- What did Isaac Newton discover?
3- How was Isaac Newton's childhood?
4-When and where was Galileo Galilei born?
5-What did Galileo Galilei invent?
6- When did Galileo died?
7-What did Francis Harry Compton Crick study?
8-When and where was Watson born?
9-What did Crick and Watson discover?
10-When and where was Pasteur born?
11-What was Pasteur job?
12-What did Pasteur discover?
13-Where was Pythagoras born?
14-Who was Pythagoras?
15-Why do we consider Pythagoras an important scientist?
16-What did Darwinís tutor recommend that he do?
17-What did Darwin do in the Galapagos Islands?
18-What theory did Darwin propose?
19-Where and when was Copernicus born?
20-What was Copernicusís greatest discovery ?
21-What did Copernicus do in Italy?
22-When and where was Edmond Halley born?
23-What did Edmond Halley show about the comets of 1531, 1607 and 1682? Why was it important for him?
24-With whom did Halley work? What was he working on?
25-When was Marie Curie born?And where?
26-What year was given the Nobel Prize to Marie Curie?
27-What Marie Curie did to help the sick during World War One?
28-When was John Snow born and when did he die?
29-What is John Snow famous for?
30-Where was John Snow born?
31-Where was Archimedes born?
32-What was Archimedesí job?
33-Who killed Archimedes? Why?



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