Christmas Time



If you want to know what people around the world do so as to celebrate Christmas, what they eat, their customs, traditions, special days etc, search the web-sites below and with the help of the links provided answer the following questions:

1. When did the custom of sending Christmas cards start in UK?
2. How is Father Christmas called in Belgium? When does he bring presents? what do children do?
3. What popular desserts do Greek people have for Christmas?
4. Who is Joulupukki in Finland? What does he do?
5. Why is Christmas special to the majority of Australians?
6. How is Christmas celebrated in India?
7. The Christmas tree is a popular tradition in Germany, when did it start?
8. What typical dishes do people eat on Christmas Eve in Poland?
9. Do Romanian people celebrate New Year's Eve?
10. In Spain, people celebrate the Epiphany, what is it about?

To finish with, write an email to your project partners or make a short video telling them about your Christmas.
Also, send them an e-card with your own Christmas message.



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