Psychogenic ED [Psychogenic erectile dysfunction]



What is psychogenic ED?
There is no problem with the function of the body itself, and ED caused by psychological and mental factors is called psychogenic ED.

Mental illnesses such as depression and schizophrenia and problems such as stress at work, marital relationships, and childhood trauma occur in everyone, and the causes vary from person to person.

Great mental impact
In order for an erection to occur, it is crucial to be physically healthy and at the same time mentally able to engage in sexual activity. Unlike organic ED, which is caused by problems such as poor blood flow, psychogenic ED has numerous causes depending on the person, so it is essential to resolve the causes.

Men who suffer from psychogenic ED make various efforts by themselves, but on the contrary, they often feel nervous and impatient with sexual activity and fail. The experience of failure leads to further inferiority complex and anxiety, which leads to anticipatory anxiety that “it may not be good again”.

Instead of trying to solve it alone, it is good to consult with a specialist and try an ED treatment drug, but before that, you can confide your worries to the woman who will be your sexual partner and cooperate with each other on a three-legged race . Isn’t it the most important?

Everyone should think that ideal sexual activity is not only possible when the body is connected but also when the mind is connected. In order to “connect the hearts”, a base of security, trust, and respect is indispensable. Even if you have ED troubles alone and challenge sexual activity, your heart will be dominated by inferiority complex and anxiety, there is no sense of security, and if you continue to have troubles, there is a high possibility that you will get stuck in a negative spiral. is.

It’s understandable that it’s no exaggeration to say that confessing your worries to your partner and focusing on loving heart contact is the fastest way to overcome psychogenic ED.

ED due to mental illness
Mental illnesses that can cause ED include, example, depression and mania, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Alcohol and drug addiction are also included in the category of mental illness.

Depression, in particular, is a major contributor to psychogenic ED, as the number of male patients is increasing year by year. Also, many of the psychotropic and antidepressant drugs used have an effect on the central nervous system and may affect erections. In such a case, it corresponds to “drug-induced ED”, so it is necessary to consult with your doctor and take measures such as changing the content of the drug.

In addition, even if you have symptoms of depression, you may not be aware that you have depression and have not been treated by a psychiatrist or psychosomatic medicine department. In some cases, ED symptoms and decreased libido may appear as a sign of depression.

ED due to psychological causes
Even if you do not have a mental illness such as depression, there are many cases of ED due to relationships and stress.

Stress in everyday life, such as broken hearts and divorces, marital disagreements, marital problems, complexities with male organs, financial anxiety, sexually transmitted diseases, and fear of pregnancy, is called “real psychological factors”. is.

Realistic factors include many things that are not always directly related to sexual activity, such as workplace stress. Minor work mistakes, loss of self-confidence or anxiety that keeps you in your head can make your brain less sexually aroused before your penis.

Deep psychology
Anger, hatred, anxiety, etc. that are deeply hidden in the heart, not the stress of daily life, are called “deep psychological causes”.

Examples include love-hate conflicts with partners, childhood trauma, and the Oedipus complex (potential incest desire). Homosexuality is also included in the deep psychological factors. It may be something that the person is aware of, or it may be an unconscious problem that he or she is completely unaware of, and is generally considered more complex than the real-life cause.

More serious psychotherapy may be needed, such as finding trauma through psychoanalysis or delving into deep-seated problems that you are not even aware of.

Treatment of psychogenic ED
Effect of ED treatment drug
PDE5 inhibitors are often effective in the treatment of psychogenic ED. In Japan, Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are licensed and are widely prescribed for ED due to mental illness and other psychological causes.
If you have a strong anxiety about sexual activity or if you have trauma, such as “I am taking ED treatment drug, I am okay today” by taking PDE5 inhibitors such as Viagra and engaging in sexual activity. Then it will be a source of confidence.

Also, from the aspect of drug action, it strongly assists erection by vasodilatory action, so in many cases of psychogenic ED, it can be expected to improve ED.

For people with psychogenic ED who are anxious about sexual activity, taking ED medications and having successful sexual activity several times gives them confidence, and often sexual activity without ED medications. ..
However, as I mentioned earlier, it is also important to share various concerns with women who are partners in sexual activity and cooperate with each other.

If you are extremely stressed or tired at work, have strong anxiety or trauma to sexual activity, or if you do not feel sexual stimulation such as unsuitable sexual activity, ED treatment is also effective. It may not be exhibited.

If psychogenic ED causes strong anxiety, trauma, dislike of sexual activity, guilt, etc. and the ED treatment does not provide sufficient effects, treatment using a psychological approach such as counseling or behavior therapy is also available. I have.

In counseling, there are cases where the symptoms are sometimes improved even for those who have not responded to drug treatment by taking sufficient time and repeating it by a specialist.
Rather than expecting results with one or two counseling sessions, it is necessary to receive some continuous counseling.

Couple counseling may also be desirable in cases where there is a problem with the relationship with the partner. There is also “sex therapy” that specializes in sexual activity problems, and we aim to identify problems between couples and overcome ED symptoms and sexlessness.
In addition, various approaches such as suggestive therapy, behavior therapy, and autogenic training can be considered. Great improvement can be achieved by receiving counseling from a psychosomatic medicine department or a specialist.


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