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Research papers are an interesting thing to do only if the writer understands some basic elements. Senior students usually write research papers at higher educational levels. 

For many students, writing a research paper is a very difficult task to do. They usually get it done through an paper writing service or any other service provider. 


50+ Quantitative Research Topics & Ideas for College Students


Talking about the research papers, you need to know that there are two types of approaches that are used to write a research paper. One is qualitative, and the other type is quantitative research methodology. As you can know from the name that one discusses the quality aspect, whereas the other discusses the topic from the quantitative aspect. 

According to the topic and the instruction provided to the student by the instructors, these research methodologies are chosen according to the topic. There are many top writing services out there that are helping the students to write qualitative and quantitative research papers. 

This article has also tried to make things easy for you by bringing up some interesting and easy quantitative research paper topics for you. Read through them carefully and pick out the best one. 

  • Talk about the relationship between the crime ratio and the rate of immigration.
  • The relationship between electoral results and the general public confidence.
  • Define the relationship between competitive risk assignment and estimated target market.
  • The impact of free internet availability in society and what could happen to the upcoming generation in the future.
  • What could be some strategies to save IBM from going insolvent.
  • How does psychology analyze the aspect of gambling?
  • What are some associated risks of confidential data storage and detection?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of companies outsourcing very frequently.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of reform n the social security system. 
  • The pros and cons of students who go for group study.
  • Are loyalty programs an essential element of intelligent marketing?
  • The impact of market segmentation in the stock market of the United Kingdom.

Here you should know that all of these topics have been carefully and particularly selected by the best college writing service. This is why you can choose any topic you like. All of these topics are arguable and expressive. If you take help ask a professional writer to write my paper.

Let’s have a look at some more topics. 

  • The role and impact of IT and related discoveries in the healthcare industry.
  • The effect of public relations in multinational organizations.
  • Define the link between online blogs, press releases, and business development.
  • Will society be a better place without any religious restrictions? 
  • The ethics and fundamentals that many pharmaceutical companies ignore.
  • The link between academic achievement and financial status.
  • The relationship between retirement and changes in lifestyle. If you are taking help from essay writer for you college essay you should make sure he delivers on time.
  • The relationship between cognitive development and the development of a child’s personality. 
  • The impact of solar electricity on the overall energy market.
  • The link between micro-financial participation and expectations.
  • The relationship between economic growth and the rising trend of urbanization.
  • Evaluate a nurse’s understanding of dysphagia with the help of quantitative research.
  • Is international civil society yet another form of neo-colonialism?
  • The positive role of quarantine in the current situation of the pandemic. How much is it effective? 
  • How can creativity be measured and enhanced when it comes to online and digital advertising strategies?

These were all the topics that we could manage to present to you. Apart from topic selection, if you need more assistance regarding your research paper, you can seek professional writers’ help ask him to write my paper for me. You can easily find a reliable and affordable writing service online. Such services have expert writers who will take care of your entire research paper assignment. 

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