5 Top Writing Tips for Better Argumentative Essays


Proposing and defending a claim is central to persuasive and argumentative essays. To successfully defend a claim, the writer is supposed to present evidence and examples while also confronting counter-arguments. Having sound logic and reasoning alone doesn’t guarantee a strong essay; it should have optimal placement of the information and evidence and the organization of various claims to guide to common ground.

Essays that ask you to defend a claim can be daunting at the time. But the difficulty can be appeased by consulting online from a free essay writer from a free essay writing service, or an English instructor. You can also find help online from online writing labs to write, structure, and organize your writing.



Here are some things that will help you improve your argumentative writing.


Use appropriate argumentative models

Argumentative writing can be structured and organized in many forms. Though there is no hard and fast rule to follow anyone religiously, there are three main types of models to follow:


Classical Model

According to best essay writing services, the classical model aims at educating the reader with the relevant information so that they will be better positioned to understand your claim. It aims at providing the writer the authority to speak on the subject with the target of evoking readers’ emotions.

The model was developed by Aristotle and later modified by various thinkers. It is still one of the most commonly used methodologies.


Toulmin Method

The Toulmin method is a deductive reasoning structure that takes the argument forward by strengthening it with evidence and examples while connecting it to the original thesis all along.


Rogerian Method

This method gives its full attention to the counterarguments and is useful when taking on an issue that has its own benefits with various claims. This method works at finding a middle ground between the claims. 


Learn to modify your thesis as you go

Many people writing essays tend to spend much time in writing the thesis statement at the start of the essay. Usually perfecting it at the beginning comes to little use when you come upon the strong counter-arguments later in the essay; to accommodate these counters you will have to change your thesis time and time again. 

Therefore, it’s better to jot the idea down as best as you could at the start and be open to changing it later on or take some help from essay writing service.


Employ Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

A good argument will have these three pillars.

Ethos is the authority of the writer that is reflected in the writing. It can also be created by using ideas and works of people with authority on the subject. 

Pathos is appealing to the readers’ emotions. An idea or claim is grounded only when it appeals to the emotions of the reader. Emotions such as empathy, disgust, shock, etc.

Logos is the appeal to logic that your statements and arguments should demonstrate. They should have a logical flow and be consistent (without contradiction) at the same time.


Be objective and empathetic

The arguments don’t require a person’s personal opinion. The text should come off as objective and should never be subject to your biases. It’s also important to be empathetic to opinions other than yours--the counters to your arguments. You should give them the proper attention that they require and make use of them to strengthen your thesis. 


Use similar and appropriate evidence

It is the writer’s responsibility to keep the reader’s attention. If the reader comes across evidence and examples that jump from one subject type to another in subsequent arguments, chances are that reader will be less attentive. The change of examples contexts can prove as much a distraction as a digression.

It is better to use evidence and examples that belong to the same subject type or better yet, they continue through the essay. This will help the reader understand the subject better, being familiar with the example as it progresses with the essay or consult with college essay writing service for more information. 




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