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If you are looking for a new horse saddle, the first thing to do is research. You can buy from local tack stores or online retailers like This means that the tree shape should fit comfortably around their withers (the top of their shoulder blades) and hips, while also matching your riding posture. For example: if you ride with high hands and longspurs then you'll want an English-style tree; if you prefer low hands and short spurs like most Western riders use today, then go with an American-style saddle over English-style because they tend to be flatter on top which allows more room for leg movement when riding at speed across flat terrain.

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Used vs. new saddles

Is it better to buy used or new? The answer depends on your budget and the condition of the saddle: A used saddle can be cheaper, but it might be damaged. And a new saddle may cost more, but it's less likely to have been damaged in any way.

Choose leather or synthetic materials

The next step in choosing a saddle is to decide whether you want a leather or synthetic material. Leather saddles are more durable, but they are also heavier and less easy to clean. If you have an all-purpose horse who spends most of its time in the field or paddock, it’s worth investing in a leather saddle as it will last longer than synthetic materials.

Some horses find riding more comfortable with a softer seat and if this is the case with yours then it’s worth considering buying one of these types of the saddle instead. They're also usually lighter than real leather so perfect if traveling around with them often means carrying things on foot like me haha! Lastly, another great benefit about owning one these days is how easily they become adjustable over time because unlike normal ones where only certain parts could adjust (such as length), now almost everything can change including the shape itself!

Know your sizes and fits when purchasing

When it comes to riding gear, there are many different types and styles of saddles. Sizes and fits can vary greatly depending on the style of saddle you choose. Before you start shopping for a new one, make sure that you know what type of riding you will be doing most often.

It's also important to take into consideration your own body shape when selecting a saddle. If you're trying out different options at an equestrian store or online retailer, consider whether the seat will fit comfortably against your hips and thighs without causing any discomfort or pinching points in these areas—even if it does feel like its "just right" after sitting on it for just a few minutes at first glance (it might still become uncomfortable over longer periods).

Horse training using a new saddle

The first step to training your horse with a new saddle is to get him used to the new item. This can be done in a safe, enclosed area such as an arena or round pen. Begin by placing the saddle on his back, then let him figure out what it is and how it feels. Once he's relaxed and comfortable with this, you can begin training with it over time.

  • Gradually increase the amount of time that your horse spends wearing his new saddle each day until he's fully accustomed to its presence. An ideal way for trainers who want their horses well trained for riding competitions is by using drills like leg yielding during trail rides or jumping exercises when practicing dressage (the art of riding).

  • Don't rush through this process—it could take up to two weeks!

Purchase the right horse saddle for you and your horse.

When you’re buying a horse saddle you want to take into account several factors. The first one is your comfort and that of your horse. If a saddle isn’t comfortable for either of you, then it will be very hard for both of you to ride comfortably in it.

Secondly, safety is paramount when riding horses. Most people don't think about safety when they are shopping around for a new saddle but this is something that should never be forgotten as any piece of equipment can malfunction or break if mistreated and cause serious injury if not taken care of properly.

The type and style of riding that will be done with this saddle also needs to be taken into consideration before making any purchase decisions as different types require different features which may not fit what's needed in certain scenarios such as barrel racing versus trail riding (see below). Finally, there's price: most people don't have unlimited amounts of money so when looking at options we need to find ways where we get good quality without spending too much money! 

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