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If you’re looking for a sattle, look no further than American Saddlery. We carry English saddles, western saddles, roping saddles, and more. Whether you need a basic starter saddle or an expensive dressage saddle, we can help. Our company has been around since 2020 and we are well known for our high-quality products and friendly customer service.  We want to help you find the perfect saddle for your horse, so we’ve asked our owner, professional dressage rider, and trainer, Valerie Randall, to share her #1 tips for buying a new saddle.  All of our saddles are made from the finest materials and designed to fit your horse perfectly. We want you to be happy with your saddle, so we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

It is affordable and in good condition, which means that it's fast. The sattle fits the horse, so it looks good on him! The color is nice and the leather is in good condition. The color is nice and the leather is in good condition. The color is nice and the leather is in good condition. The color is nice and the leather is in good condition. The price is affordable and the shipping is fast.

We wanted to make sure that we found a saddle that was affordable and shipped fast. We didn't want to spend too much money on the saddle, but we wanted it to be in good condition and fit my horse. We also wanted our customer service experience with American Saddlery to be great because the prices were so affordable! The American Saddlery retails for $250, but if you buy it online at HorsesSaddle, we're offering special discounts that can knock off as much as $50 from that price! So hurry over before this deal expires! Once you've placed your order online at [website name], we'll ship out your new saddle within 48 hours—that's how fast we want you riding in style.

Does the saddle fit my horse?

There are several different sizes available for this particular model of the saddle, so you're sure to find one that fits your horse no matter what kind of animal he or she is! The American Saddlery is made out of high-quality leather horse saddle, western saddle, and barrel saddle, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. It's also designed to fit all kinds of horses, which means it's versatile.

The best way to tell if a saddle will fit your horse is by measuring him (or her). In general, you are looking for three things:

  • Saddle wide enough: The saddle should be wide enough so that when you put it on, there is space between the spine of your horse and the edge of the saddle. You don't want too much room or not enough—it depends on what kind of ride you're aiming for. If this sounds confusing, check out our page on How To Measure Your Horse For A Western Horse Saddle at
  • Saddle deep enough: The depth should be deep enough so that when you put it on, there is space between where your seat bones would sit and where they would hit against anything other than fleshy parts (i.e., thighs). Again, this varies depending on which type of ride you're going for but typically ranges from about 2-4 inches in front to 4-6 inches behind. If this seems vague and hard to visualize based solely on numbers alone then take another look at our previous article about How To Measure Your Horse For A Western Horse Saddle at's customer service is great. They are fast and friendly, flexible and will help you with any issues, knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have, honest and will tell you if something is wrong with the saddle. The American Saddlery comes in many different colors: black, chestnut brown, and white. Choose whichever color best suits your tastes!

English saddles

You may have heard that English saddles are made of leather, wood, or metal. But in fact, they can be made of any material at all: plastic and rubber are popular options for showing off a horse's flashy (or dashing) personality. Fabric is also an option for those who want to keep their budget low and their ride comfortable—though it's important to remember that fabric will wear down more quickly than other materials!

Western saddles

A western saddle is a good saddle for riding, roping, barrel racing, trail riding, and showing. It is made of leather or synthetic materials and has a deep seat with a high cantle (the back of the saddle). Western saddles are designed to fit each horse's conformation as well as rider preference. The tree (the base onto which all parts of the saddle attach) may be customized by matching a tree size to your horse's measurements or you can purchase one off-the-rack.

Saddle pads

Saddle pads are used to protect the saddle. They can also be used to make it more comfortable for your horse or add style and color to it. Saddle pads are made from wool and are available in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. You can choose between a thin or thick pad depending on what you need them for!

Saddle blankets are used to keep your horse warm, keep the saddle in place, keep the saddle clean and dry, and prevent it from moving. American Saddlery has a range of saddles to choose from. The saddles are made of leather, wood, vinyl, and nylon. They are also made of plastic, steel, and aluminum.


The saddles from American Saddlery are great. They fit my horse and the price is affordable. I will buy another saddle from them soon!



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