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Necessary supplies for all classes:
Notebook, Folder, Pen, Pencil, and possibly a Highlighter. In addition, when instructed to do so, students must bring their textbook to class.

This is important:

1. No late work is accepted! Therefore, students risk receiving no credit for work turned in past a due date.

2. It is not uncommon for students to be working on multiple projects (i.e., reading in the textbook and writing an essay) at the same time.

3. All major projects and compositions must be typed.

4. Throughout the semester, sudents will be evaluated based on their participation during class discussions and cooperative learning, their work in their textbook, in class writing assignments and reaction papers, and quizzes

5. Students should not always use the Internet, however, as their main source of information. Students are permitted, of course, to use the world wide web, but keep in mind they should do so carefully. Sometimes information is contradictory, even inaccurate.

6. In conclusion, whenever a project or paper is assigned, I give each student an overview (handout) of the project and an evaluation form. Please examine them, and if you encounter any problems, please contact me as soon as possible.


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