Science Fair Project

Display Board
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You want a Science Fair DISPLAY BOARD that people will remember positively.
Use COLOR carefully!

So before you glue everything down, lay the board on a flat surface and arrange the materials a few different ways. This will help you decide on the most suitable and attractive presentation.

Below are SUGGESTIONS of what a good display might look like!

In center:
TITLE (The title may be a separate piece attached to display board.)
Data Tables
Your name, grade, school & teacher's name

Left side:
Materials and Procedures

Right Side:
Analysis (Explain data, graphs, statistical analysis, sources of error!)
Recommendations (2 kinds!)

Special Notes:

· Each student MUST have a display board. You may also display experiment.

· The display can be white or colored foam board or cardboard (obtained at Art Stores, Michael's or Staples for under $6.00). The display is 3 sectioned and self-standing. Construction or contact paper, cloth, or paint may be applied over the 3 sections. Try scrap booking papers!

· It should be no wider than 4 feet when opened and self- standing. Height should not exceed 4 feet but be at least 2 feet tall. When opened, the display should not have a depth (from front edge to back middle section) over 18 inches.

· The display briefly summarizes the problem, hypothesis, procedures, results, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations. It must be typed. The title may be a separate piece attached to display board.

· Everyone’s HEADINGS should have computerized lettering that is large and attractive; CORRECT SPELLING IS A NECESSITY! You should be able to read the board from 3 feet away (approx. 1 meter).

· Layer the paper with your words or drawings on top of larger colored/patterned sheets of paper to “frame” your work. Scrap booking papers, art papers, or cardstock add extra punch!

· Photos of you doing your experimentation are a terrific eye catcher!

· Be creative. Use attractive colors, large print and high contrast. This is the big pictorial advertisement of your project. People should look at your board and want to see more!

· Attach at least 2 feet of yarn to the lower left portion of the center section to use to tie on Science Fair Project notebook.

· Your name, grade, and teacher's name should be clearly typed & mounted to a 3x5 card and adhered to bottom of the center section (lightly…so it could be removed). It should also be written using a sharpie directly onto the back...on center section (at the top) so it may be seen when closed.

· The Display board should close in on itself, in a flat position.


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