What is sleep?
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A treasure hunt about sleeping and dreaming- Page 1



We are going to learn some curious facts about sleeping and dreaming.
You have to find the answers for the questions in this page and in PAGE 2. Write the answers in your notebook or click here to get a word document (another window will open).
Use the links to find the answers and the dictionary to look up the words that you really need (don't use it all the time).


1. How many stages are there in the sleep cycle?

2. What does REM mean?

3. Do we dream in all the stages of sleep?

4.How many hours do teenagers typically need?

5. What happens when you keep awake for a long time (a lot of days)?

6.Which posture do elephants use when they sleep?

7. Do we snore in REM sleep?

8.What is the cause of "the natural alarm clock"?

9.Which sleeping posture means that you don't like changes in your life?

10.Why do teenagers feel sleepy in the morning and don't like to go to bed early at night?

11.What changes occur at night time?


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