What's in your dreams?

A treasure hunt about sleeping and dreaming- Page 2



Now, we are going to read about dreaming and dream interpretation.
You have to find the answers for the questions in the links on the left. Write the answers in your notebook or click here to get a word document.


1.What did the roman do when they dreamt about something very unusual?

2.What the best moment to remember a dream?

3.How many dreams can we have in one night?

4.Take note of at least two good reasons to try remembering dreams,

5.Read the information on this page and then answer the questionaire about different type of dreams

6.What part of a house may appear in your dreams if you feel in a period of inactivity?

7.What's the meaning of dreaming about a glass house?

8.What character may be in your dream if you feel very creative?

9.What's the meaning of seeing a dead person in your dream?

10.If you dream that you are happy, does it mean that you feel happy in your life?

11.What's the meaning of seeing bones in your dreams?

12.Finally, using the dream glossary, read about something that you have dreamt about recently and translate it. You may also translate any other pieces of texts that may interest you.


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