Whenever you are going to meet new people, you need to know a little bit more about their place. Perhaps if you get the answers for these questions you will become closer to your future friends.

1. Can you describe their flag? Do they belong to the European Union?

2. Which is their official language?

3. What is it that makes this country attractive in winter?

4. Name 3 border countries of Austria

5. Austria is famous for its music. Find the name of 6 well-known composers born there.

6. Bagels are a kind of donuts which were created by a baker in Vienna. What was his religion?

7. There is a photographic tour of Austria (23 photos long) which I invite you to go through in order to discover...
a)What does Goldenes Dachl mean in English?
b)Where can you see colourful houses along the river?
c)Which is the traditional Austrian music?

8. Braunau is an Austrian town which is very visited every year, although people donīt like the reason why they have so many tourists. Who was born there?

General Question
Choose one of the options
a) How different do you imagine a day at school in Austria?
b)You are a tourist visiting Austria. What places would you like to visit?

The main thing is that you get to know more things about Austria and its culture. However, you will be positivelly evaluated if you are able to answer at least 6 out of the 8 questions. You'll get excellent results if you achieve all get cracking!!


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