the shadow of your smell
  A treasure hunt on perfume




Priestesses richly adorned,
Anointed with myrrh, perfumed with lotus,
Their heads garlanded with wreaths,
All together drunk with wine,
Fragrant with the plants of Punt,
They danced in beauty, doing my heart's wish,
Their rewards were on their limbs.

Tomb of Wennefer
M. Lichtheim, Ancient Egyptian Literature, Vol. 3. p.56

1.Read a little about the origin of perfume
2.What is the aura?
Visit The perfume museum and answer these questions:
3.Which is the land of perfumes? and Who said: "There are no ugly women just lazy ones?"
4.How do you feel today? Find a fragrance for your mood
5.Is it easy to be a “nose”? why?
6.Do you want to make your own fragrance?
7.For the boys:create your aftershave
8.Were the ancient egyptian metrosexual males?
9.What’s Michael Jordan’s opinion about his fragrance?
The big question:
Choose four perfumes; two for men and two for women and decide who would you give them and why. Look for help in the "perfume descriptions" section.Be prepared to inform your class orally. :-))


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