Verification of Employability Skills




Five competencies have been identified in the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) Report as being the employability skills desired by employers of prospective employees. Write about two of the five competencies. The completed assignment should be one page, single spaced. Remember your audience is a perspective employer. Use first person, formal grammar. Center the title, Verification of Employability Skills, at the top of the page, center your name under the title, and double space between your name and the first paragraph.

1. RESOURCES: Identifies, organizes, plans, and allocates resources

Employers value workers who successfully set a goal and plan to reach that goal. Identify something (job, car, sound system, jacket, shoes, etc.) you acquired for yourself. Detail the steps you followed to acquire this item, the steps you take to maintain this item, the use or advantage you have in possessing this item, and the ways the skills learned will benefit you in your future career.

2. INTERPERSONAL: Works with others

Employers value workers who work well with others. Describe specifically how you contribute as a member of a club, team, or small group and how this contribution benefits the group. Explain how the skills learned will help you in your future career.

3. INFORMATION: Acquires and uses information

Employers value workers who can successfully locate, collect, and use information. Describe a personal, school, family, or community project you have completed. Tell how you decided which resources to use, how you obtained these resources, and how you used these resources. Explain how the skills learned will help you in your future career.

4. SYSTEMS: Understands complex interrelationships

Employers value workers who understand how large organizations work. One example of a large organization is a school system. Explain one change that would benefit your school system, state why the change should be made, detail the steps to follow to implement the change, and explain how the skills learned will help you in your future career. Be sure to consider your audience and think carefully about how your words would be perceived by a perspective employer.

5. TECHNOLOGY: Works with a variety of technologies

Employers value workers who can work with a variety of technologies. Select a form of technology you value and use skillfully (computer, video camera, video game, robotic equipment, etc.). Describe the specific tasks you do and the skills involved, tell how you acquired these skills, and explain how your knowledge and skills will help you in your future career.


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