Career Narrative




To fulfill this portion of the Career Passport, you will type six paragraphs. Within these paragraphs you will need to make several specific references to the information from your career research and aptitude tests. You will describe specifics such as work tasks, work settings, projected demand for new workers, salary potential, education or training required, etc. as well as your skills, values, interests, and experiences. Click the link to see an example of a Career Narrative. Title your paper, "Career Narrative" and include your name, centered under the title. Remember that your audience will be a perspective employer.

*In the first paragraph, state your first career choice and explain 3 to 5 reasons why you have chosen this career. Be sure to describe the work tasks, personal skills, and any other factors that support the reasons for your choice. A possible topic sentence would be: "After carefully considering my skills, interests, and values; I have decided my first choice of career plans would be to become a _____________."

*In the second paragraph, tell of any of your experiences (school courses, job-shadowing, reports, informational interviews, career fairs etc.) that relate to your career choice. A possible topic sentence could be: "I have already taken steps to achieve my goal."

*In the third paragraph tell the steps you need to take before being qualified for this career. Tell of any course work, degrees, volunteer work, contacts, certification or licensure, apprenticeship etc. you will need to complete before being a candidate for this career choice. A possible topic sentence could be: "I will need to do more before reaching my goal."

*In the fourth paragraph, state your second career choice and explain 2 - 3 reasons why you feel it would be a good choice for you. A possible topic sentence could be: "If my first plan does not work for me, I would like to become a ______________."

*In the fifth paragraph, tell of any qualifications or experiences you already have that would help you in this second career path.

In the sixth paragraph tell of any training, experiences, certification, internships, or contacts you will need yet to do to achieve Plan B.


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