Sample Career Narrative




Ivona B. Anurse

After carefully studying my interests, skills, and experiences, I have decided that my first career choice is to become a registered nurse. I believe I would be good for this position because I would like to work to promote health and to help patients cope with illness. I would observe patients and carry out medical treatments, use computerized equipment to monitor patientsí vital signs, and record my observations and other medical data in patientsí charts. I would also consult with medical staff about ways to prevent infection and sometimes write and manage patient care plans. Most jobs in this field would be in hospitals, in doctors' offices, and in nursing homes. They work in public health facilities such as government agencies and schools. They also take care of patients in their homes as they recover from illness or accidents. I would enjoy working in any of these environments.

I have already taken steps to achieve my goal. During my sophomore year I had the opportunity to work with computer programs that matched my interests, skills and values to a variety of careers. Through job shadowing and informational interviewing, I narrowed my career choices. I considered the requirements for getting into a four year program and a two year program. This experience also helped me decide on the high school courses I would need to take to become prepared to enter a program in this field. We also spent time looking for institutions near here that would offer this major. I have had the opportunity to conduct informational interviews and job shadow with RNs from Miami Valley Hospital. I am looking forward to going to college and learning more.

To achieve my goal I have three training options for becoming a registered nurse. One, I can earn an associateís degree in nursing (A.D.N.). Community colleges offer these two year programs. Two, I can earn a bachelorís of science degree in nursing (B.S.N.). Colleges and universities offer these four year programs. Three, I can earn a diploma. Hospitals offer these two to three year programs. Any of these types of programs will qualify me for entry-level positions. However, I must also pass national and state exams. I would like to earn a bachelorís degree because nurses with a B.S.N. have more options for jobs. I could start my course of study at a two year college and then I could go on and earn a four year degree. I will still need to make some college visits to determine the best course of action for me.

If for some reason I do not achieve my first career goal, I would like to become a radiographer. I want to help people in any career I go into, but this career will not only help the patient, but it will also help the doctor detect the problem. The type of equipment radiographers work with are x-ray film, measuring instruments, patient records, x-ray reports. safety equipment, and doctor's directions. Most of the radiographers work in hospitals, clinics, and physician offices.

I have already taken steps to achieve this goal by spending much time with the Kuder Career Exploration program and OCIS. These computer programs helped me find careers that were closely related to my interests and values such as working with and helping people. I have adjusted my high school courses so that I will have the background courses I need to pursue a major in this field. I still need to have a job-shadowing experience in this area which I hope I will be able to do my senior year.

I will need to take further steps to reach my goal. Required training is offered in hospitals, colleges, universities, and the military. Programs range in length from one to four years and lead to a certificate, associate's degree, or bachelor's degree. Most states require radiographers to be licensed.


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