Grade 5

Captain Samuel Brown School


Welcome to 5th Grade

Dear incoming 5th grade parents:

If your child needs to borrow a copy of the book "Rules" for the required fifth grade reading we have some copies available at the school. Please call the school 978-536-4100 and arrange a time for pickup. At that time, you will need to sign out the book. You child will need to return the book in September.

Summer Reading
Students must read “Rules” (test on September 12, 2013) and one other book of your choice. There will be an assigned project for the second book due the end of September.

- One 3 Ring binder – AT LEAST 3 INCHES
- Tabs for the binder – DO NOT LABEL; we will organize binders in school
- Punched notebook paper
- 3x5 box for index cards - no index cards necessary (for word study
- Extra pencils
- Markers
- 1 or 2 highlighters
- Colored pencils

- Pocket Dictionaries and Thesaurus

**Jump drive recommended but not required.

Please DO NOT bring the following supplies. Students do not have enough room in their desks to keep these items.
Pencil boxes
Glue bottles, glue sticks
Spirals bound notebooks (we only use punched notebook paper)

Four text books will need to be covered. Paper bags work best – the Book Sox are not large enough for Math in Focus and Journeys texts.

Thank you!
5th Grade Teachers


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