Treasure Hunt for Woman's Day



Look at the list of women on your left and try to match their names to what they did (numbers)and Why they are important for History or Literature (letters).

1. She was a British woman who fought for the women's right to vote ( suffrage's movement) and suffered from prison hunger strikes.
2. She founded the American Birth Control League later called Planned Parenthood.
3. She was an American cultural anthropologist who travelled a lot and researched and wrote about other societies.
4.She was the daughter of Henry VIII and Queen of England in the 16th century.
5. She was a British writer and a feminist, considered one of the most modernist literary figures of the 20th century. She commited suicide by drowning herself.
6. She wrote the famous novel Frankenstein in 1817.
7. She was a black slave who could escape and helped lots of other black slaves to escape in America.
8. She was a British sufragist who died by "throwing herself" under the hoods of King George's horse in a Derby in 1913 in support of British suffragette movement.
9. She refused to obey the demands of a bus driver to give her seat to a white passenger. She was arrested for civil disobedience and this started the movements against racial segregation in the USA.
10. She wrote 66 novels, several stories and sceenplays. She created the famous fiction characters Poirot and Miss Marple.

a) She was an African-American freedom fighter. Important member of the Abolitionist movement that fought against racism and slavery.
b) She is the most popular mystery writer of all time. She is considered the queen of Golden Age in British fiction ( 1920's- 30's). Her works have been translated into 100 languages.
c) She got a degree at Oxford University at a time when women were not admitted. She joined the Women's Social and Political Union. Arrested several times, went on hunger strikes and attempted suicide as a protest. She finally killed herself under a horse.
d) Her reign was one of the most constructive periods in English history, in aspects like literature, fashion and education. She never married and ruled England by herself.
e) She was an American birth control activist. At first he faced a strong opposition to her ideas, but gradually she won the support of the public for a woman's right to decide when she could have children.
f) She wrote one of the best gothic novels in all times that synthesized natural phylosophy and 19th century scientific experimentation.
g) she founded Women's Social and Political Union. Together with her daughter they were leaders of suffrage movements in Great Britain.
h) She was a professor at Columbia University and her position as a pioneering anthropologist ( who wrote clearly for the general public) remains firm.
i) She was an African-American civil rights activist considered the "Mother of Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement". She died recently.
j) Between the two Worl Wars she was a significant figure in London literary society. She was a member of the Bloomsbury Group. She experimented with the technique of "stream of conciousness" in narrative.

Find out how many of them were suffragists, how many were abolitionists and how many were writers.


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