Checkbook Behavior System


Checkbook Behavior System

Students are given a checkbook register book at the beginning of the year to use as a record of specific behaviors exhibited throughout the year.

Students deposit $20 into their check register for every day present at school noting the date and total balance
Fines and bonuses are entered by teacher as needed
Check register remains in students desk unless teacher is writing in it

Taxes are taken out of balance on every Friday, $5 for every day present that week

Fines: Withdraw from balance
1. Out of uniform $5
2. Incomplete or missing homework $5
3. Homework agenda is not signed $5
4. Running, pushing or talking in line $5
5. Talking or interrupting class $5
6. No name on paper $5
7. Unprepared or missing materials $5
8. Getting in trouble in the lunchroom or specials $15
9. Talking back or arguing with an adult $15
10. Not following directions or classroom rules $5
11. Not picking up after yourself or having a messy desk $5

Friday folders will contain student explanations for fines received for the week so that parents are informed.

In connection to the Love and Logic guidelines, when a student exhibits certain behaviors they will be given choices regarding their fines. Students may be asked to choose between taking a fine from their balance or participating in a job to benefit the classroom. These choices will all depend upon the behaviors exhibited as well as the student and teacher. In addition, students will also be given the opportunity to brainstorm their own ideas for specific fines and bonuses.

Bonuses: Deposit to Balance
1. Helping someone without being asked $5
2. No fines received for a whole week $5
3. Helping clean up without being asked $5
4. Walking away from trouble $5

All fines will be posted in the classroom so that students are aware of expectations. Bonuses, however, will not be posted because they consist of such a wide range of varying behaviors that the teacher observes. Bonuses are subject to any specific behavior that coincides with the Christskills, Life Long Guidelines, or other types of notable behaviors.

Sales can be done every two weeks or as we are ready, and will always be held on Friday afternoons after taxes have been taken out for that week. There will be a variety of categories of purchases that may range anywhere from $20 to $500, or more depending on student balances and objects for sale. As the year progresses and the students gain more money, the teachers may raise the amounts of objects for sale.

We ask that parents donate small items for the sales. In order to remain consistent with school policies about nutrition guidelines we ask that you do not send any food or drinks for the sale. We would like to stay away from any candy, soda or any other such items. Great places to find sale items are the Dollar Store, Target (they have a great $1 section), U.S. Toy, garage sales, etc. Promotional giveaways are good if they are appropriate. We appreciate your generosity when donating these objects for our classrooms.

Ideas for Sale Items:
Finger puppets
Small trinkets
Bouncy balls
Key chains
Chapter books
Costume Jewelry
Any reasonably priced object you feel is appropriate for this system!

We believe that this type of behavior system can be beneficial for the students for a variety of reasons. By incorporating math skills, students can continue to practice mental math as they balance their books daily. This system also allows for students to be individually accountable for their actions when behaviors arise that are of a concern. The teacher is able to address these behaviors with the student individually and confidentially.

Mrs. Fritz and Miss Crawford


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