Dinosaurs and Birds


You are visiting the Natural History Museum. When you arrives there, there is a special exhibition about DinoBirds.

Dinobirds are part Dinosaur and part Bird because they had feathers. Dinobirds have lived in small groups alongside Humans since ancient times, hiding in the great forests of the Earth. Human expansion brings them into conflict with people, who want their territory.

Follow the steps:

1. Clich on the 1st link and read about this animal. Use the dictionary to look up a few words.

2. Don't miss the table comparing Dinobirds and other Dinosaurs.

3. Watch the video as long as you want. It is really difficult to understand, but it is a good practice. If you listen to it more than once, you will see that you will understand some of the ideas.

4. Prepare a poster with the essential information you have learnt about Dinobirds.

5. Present the poster to your classroom, explaining the main aspects and some curiosities you learnt.



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