Book Report Format

ESE~Intensive Reading


1) In the first paragraph of the report identify and either underline or italicize the book title. Identify the author of the book. Give the publication date of the book. This is a good place in the report to give any background information about the author and/or book such as awards the book or its author has received.

2) Characters: Identify the main characters. Who is the protagonist? (Main character who is a good person even if flawed.) The Antagonist? (Main character or force of evil.) Briefly describe the protagonist in terms of appearance, traits, and actions. What qualities does the character possess? What weaknesses? Does the character grow in the story? If so how?

3) Setting and Plot can be combined. Setting: where and when does the story take place? Plot list the series of three key events, which sum up the story line of the plot. Try to limit this to fifty words or less. Eg. This book is a story about____________who does___________for the purpose of____________. In the climax______________finally_____________.

4) Theme: What is the theme for this book? What one message sums it up? Is there a piece of advice the author is telling the reader? Does the author make a comment about our culture or society? What do you learn from this book?

5) Evaluate which element theme or plot was stronger in this story. Explain why you have concluded this.


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