Global Warming




What is happening with the climate? Every year we hear on TV that there are many disasters due to the weather. Do you think there is a reason for this or is it normal? Some scientists consider that our planet is suffering important changes in the climate and they call it Global Warming.

Now you are going to do several activities to learn more about this topic.

1º Answer the following questions. Use the link: climate change.
a) What is the Greenhouse effect?
b) Are weather and climate the same?
c) What is Global Warming?
d) Describe a greenhouse.
What are they used for?
e) Do oceans regulate the climate? How?
f) What other features influence the climate?
g) Name several ways or instruments scientists use to gather evidence about climate.

2º Use the Wikipedia link, look at the Global Temperatures table and say:
- what was the average temperature in 1900?
- what was the average temperature in 1940?
- what was the average temperature in 1980?
- what was the average temperature in 2000?

What do you conclude after studying this figures?

3º If you go to Climate map you will find there a text about solutions to Global Warming. Go through it and find, at least, three solutions which can contribute to reduce it.

Project: Look for alternative sources of energy. Are there any of them in your town or nearby? Give pictures, photos, ... and say where they are and any additional information you can provide.


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